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Birthdate:Feb 14
I am terrible at bios.

I'm a hard geek media whore. My blog is generally about the media I consume with a little squeeing thrown in here and there :)

Interests (126):

academics, ace attorney, aida saki, aizen, angst, anime, annually purchasing ipods, architecture, archives, art, asami ryuuichi, asami/takaba, atheism, axis powers hetalia, beer, being white and nerdy, bl, bleach, blood+, boys lie, boys love, canada, canadianism, clarence, conrad weller, conrad/shouri, danny tanner, darker than black, dead baby jokes, death note, divorce, dreams, drinking, driving, emotionally unavailable men, ergo proxy, esu, existentialism, fan fiction, fawlty towers, fiction, fuck, glass mask, gulag, harry potter, heavy drinking, heroes, hetalia, history, hockey, inane celebrity gossip, indie rock, indie snobs, islam, james ellroy, jesus doesn't like that, junjou romantica, konishi katsuyuki, kyo kara maoh!, kyou kara maou, literature, ljdrama, loners, manga, miles edgeworth, mitsunaru, mix tapes, monty python, morality, morikawa toshiyuki, movies, mr. darcy, mr. knightley, music, nana, naono bohra, narumitsu, nerds, nodame cantabile, objectivism, old movies, ouran, philosophy, phoenix wright, phoenix/edgeworth, poetry, politics, pop culture, pop music, publicly humiliating myself, rain, reading, records, records management, rejected, rejection, relationships, religion, russia, s, saiunkoku monogatari, sex, shouri shibuya, shouri/conrad, shunsui/ukitake, silence, slash, smoking, socialism, socially inept, sociology, stalin, stimulants, the longest journey, transformers, trinity blood, ts eliot, vancouver, veronica mars, video games, viewfinder, wall of sound, wine, writing, yamane ayano, yaoi
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